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Thompson Lake Environmental Association


About Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake is located in the Lakes Region of Maine and was formed by a receding glacier. Over 14,000 years ago as glaciers began to melt, huge sheets of ice scraped across the land, creating valleys that were later filled with water from the glacial melt. Various sized boulders from distant mountain tops were transported and smoothed by the moving ice to be deposited along the bottom and along the shoreline of the lake. To this day boaters must be mindful of these pre-historic "prop busters".  The water of Thompson Lake is now primarily replenished by clean water springs from the Poland Spring aquifer.  Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Thompson Lake Environmental Association (TLEA), Thompson Lake ranks in the top 5% as one of Maine's cleanest and clearest lakes.  We Invite you to learn more about life here on Thompson Lake and in doing so, we hope you consider joining the Thompson Lake Environmental Association to help protect one of Maine's most beautiful natural resources.

For a unique perspective on Thompson Lake check out this fantastic video, created by Tory OByrne!


The mission of the Thompson Lake Environmental Association (TLEA) is to preserve the natural beauty, water quality and biological diversity of Thompson Lake.  TLEA will promote conservation practices through education and through monitoring and management of Thompson Lake and its watershed.

What's New at TLEA

Another year is upon us and we look forward to continuing our work on behalf of Thompson Lake and it's surrounding communities!

We are once again excited to work with the LakeSmart Program to help educate lakefront homeowners on managing their landscapes in ways that protect the lake's water quality. This program is free and participating homeowners will receive individualized suggestions for keeping pollutants in storm water out of the lake.  Shoreline erosion is one of the most significant contributors to non-point source pollution, and minimizing this threat is critical to the overall health of Thompson Lake.

To learn more about the LakeSmart program click HERE.

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