TLEA News and Announcements

Ice out!

April 7, 2021

Ice out is determined when a boat can be navigated the entire length of the lake.  After much spotting and speculation, the official 2021 ice out date is April 7! 
And summer begins!!


Loon Count
July 17

Our annual loon count is coordinated through the Maine Audubon Society to assess the health of Maine's loon population.  Click on the image below to learn more about the Maine loon count and

  Let us know if you want to help count loons!

loon and chick SUSAN.jpg

Lake Smart Training

This year we will be working with Maine Lakes to offer LakeSmart training and certification.  This free program helps property owners who are interested in reducing shoreline erosion.  Click the photo below to learn about LakeSmart or contact us for more information on how we can help you

Get Smart(er)!

blueberry island day.JPG

Annual Meeting
August 7
9am - 11am

We plan to hold the annual meeting this year in person on August 7, as COVID-19 restrictions permit.  We will follow CDC guidelines for gatherings and will adhere to recommended social distancing protocols. 
We hope to see you there!!

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Community Partners!

We would like to recognize Dead River Company and Poland Spring Bottling for their continued financial support over the years. 

Thank you!!

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CLYNK (pronounced "CLINK")

You can support TLEA through the Clynk program, where returnables in designated green Clynk bags  may be brought to participating Hannaford stores.  Returns will be scanned and credited to TLEA.  Contact us by clicking on the image below to learn more about how to support TLEA through


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